Ripple has beaten the SEC, causing XRP to pump – in your face, crypto YouTubers!

The crypto world can be a cruel place at times. You can pile into a coin or token that’s been doing alright, only for it to dump, or you can sell your bags and then the coin pumps. Life sucks as a crypto trader. But one amazing victory has just been handed to all the brave hodlers out there that have been hanging onto their bags of XRP as Ripple fought the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

As the SEC filed 2 lawsuits against Ripple, virtually all exchanges delisted XRP, causing people to panic sell and the value of XRP to dump. This left people with two choices. Join the sellers and take a loss on your XRP or take on the SEC with Ripple and hope that it comes out the other side all rosy.

Guess which side won?

Everyone Said Dump XRP

Wherever you went, everyone was saying that XRP was heading to $0 and that it’s going to fall apart, even the crypto YouTubers. Ok, we can forgive those shillers as they will say anything to get a few clicks, they just wanted a few more subscribers. But for the most part, the overall tone for XRP is that it was a lost cause.

Still, a brave few decided to plough on through the lawsuits. And good news came at last – the SEC had no leg to stand on and Ripple looks like it’s going to win the cases by a country mile. After dropping to a miserable $0.20 at its lowest during the course of the legal trouble, XRP bounced back and is now sat at $1.73 – in your face, crypto YouTubers!

XRP trading signals

Who knows, indicators suggest that XRP is just getting started, meaning we could be in for a lot more action!

Winning Feels Great

For the record, I am not a massive XRP fangirl, and I don’t have massive bags, just enough to be excited about this pump. It’s so great to see all the haters proven wrong. So many friends ridiculed me for not joining them and ditching my bags at a loss of $0.30 per XRP, and now they’re green with envy.

It just goes to show that no matter what everyone is saying and how bleak the future looks for something, there’s always hope. If you’ve got a shitcoin and it’s sinking into the ground, just forget about it for a few months. Worst case is that it drops a bit further. On the other hand, it could catapult to the moon and you’ll see some nice profit.

Don’t give up on your bags. If you hold long enough, you’ll make some good money in the crypto world. This is far from trading advice, it’s more of a story about how wrong the Crypto YouTubers can be, meaning that you should not follow their advice blindly!

Do your own research and always follow your gut. You can be sure that 99% of the time you’ll be right.

Hang in there!

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