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Learn the basics of bitcoin sic bo, how to play bitcoin sic bo and learn some great bitcoin sic bo tips with Bitcoin Casino Boss’s bitcoin sic bo guide!

  • Beginner friendly
  • Fast rounds
  • Decent max win
  • Lots of variations available
  • Not possible to cut the house edge

Bitcoin sic bo is a modern take on a game that is older than paper, packed with rules and bets that have not changed much since its inception millenniums ago.

Originally played by throwing two bricks with painted numbers, sic bo has undergone a massive visual improvement over the years.

Now you can play bitcoin sic bo from your shiny new iPhone 12, smart TV or laptop computer, a far cry from the brick throwing days.

In this guide we’re going to take a look at bitcoin sic bo, breaking it down to help you better understand this magical game.

What is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a bitcoin casino game that relies on luck, meaning that no matter how well you understand the rules, you can never cut down the house edge.

The objective of the game is very similar to roulette in the sense that you’ve got to place a bet that you think will include the outcome of rolling three dice simultaneously.

There are a wide range of bets that you can place, hence why the roulette comparison.

The more outcomes that a bet covers, the lower the payouts are. The less chance of a bet winning, the higher the payouts.

You roll three 6-sided dice, which will nearly always be in some sort of automated machine that rolls for the dealer, preventing any funny business from occurring.

How Do I Play Bitcoin Sic Bo?

Playing bitcoin sic bo is very similar to bitcoin roulette. Simply load up one of the best bitcoin casinos, top up your account and load a bitcoin sic bo game.

You will find good streams of bitcoin sic bo from Evolution Games. There are also a number of bitcoin sic bo games that have enhanced multipliers, such as Lightning Dice.

View of the bitcoin sic bo bet table at
View of the bitcoin sic bo bet table at

Simply pick which outcome you think will win from the selection of 52 possible bets by picking a chip size and clicking on the outcomes you wish to bet on through the betting grid.

Once the timer reaches 0, betting will close and the dice will begin to roll. The whole process from placing bets to the round ending takes around 15 seconds.

What Bets Can I Make in Sic Bo?

With 52 different bets to pick from, choosing the right bet to place in bitcoin sic bo can be rather tricky. Fear not, for we’ve got your back!

This table shows you all the different types of bets that you can place in bitcoin sic bo and the payout values:

BetPayoutWinning Combinations *
Any triple24:16
Two dice5:130
Any numberUp to 3:13

*Winning combinations are how many different ways there are to win the bet on any given throw. For example, if you pick Triple 3 as your bet, there’s only one way you can win that bet from that roll.

Small: You’re betting that the outcome of the roll will be a value between 4 and 10, inclusive of those numbers.

Big: You’re betting that the outcome of the roll will be a value between 11 and 17, inclusive of those numbers.

Odd: You’re betting that the outcome of the roll will be an odd value.

Even: You’re betting that the outcome of the roll will be an even value.

Straight total: When you bet on the numbers in the middle, you’re betting that the total shown on the dice will be equal to the amount you’ve picked. For example, if you bet on 10, you’re betting that the value shown on the dice will be 10. The more ways there are to make this number, the lower the odds.

Triple: When you’re betting that the outcome will be a specific triple.

Any triple: When you’re betting that the outcome will be any triple, meaning as long as the three dice all show the same number, you’re a winner.

Double: When you’re betting that the outcome will have two out of the three dice will show the same value.

Two dice: When you’re betting that the outcome shown on two of the dice will match the selection you’ve picked. This bet option is below the total value of the dice bets and often looks like a domino. This also often earns it the moniker Domino bet.

Any number: When you bet any number, you’re betting that the number you’ve chosen will appear on at least one dice. The more dice that your number appears on, the higher the payout. The payout for one dice showing your number is 1:1, two dice showing is 2:1 and three dice showing is 3:1.

What’s the Sic Bo House Edge Like?

Sic bo is a game that has multiple bet types available, each with their own probability of happening.

The higher the payout of a bet, the less likely it is to happen. As such, on these bets the house edge is going to be far greater.

As a result, the house edge on bitcoin sic bo can range anywhere from 30% to just under 3%, which is a pretty huge margin.

Generally speaking, the lower the payout, the lower the house edge will be.

But, due to the fact that bitcoin sic bo is a luck-based game, even if you place th safest of bets, you’ll never be able to cut the house edge down beyond the lower limit, or even tip the scales in your favor.

The Verdict

Bitcoin sic bo is great fun, requiring no skill at all to play. This makes it perfect for novices and beginners to the bitcoin casino world.

That being said, the huge payouts can be very tempting, causing a lot of new players to go bust pretty quickly.

So, our best advice is to stick to simple bets with fairly even odds. While you might not win a ton of money in one hit, you have a chance to win some good cash in the short-term.

Pick a bet and stick to it. If lady luck is on your side, then you could pick up a streak and land your outcome a few times in a row, or at least more often than it loses.

Perhaps you’re looking for a game to be a winner in the long-term. Should this be the case, we suggest you put in the time and learn how to play bitcoin blackjack.

If you have any questions about bitcoin sic bo, feel free to send us a message or leave a comment below!

Good luck!

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