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Learn the basics of bitcoin game shows, how to play bitcoin game shows and learn some great bitcoin game show tips with Bitcoin Casino Boss’s bitcoin game show guide!

  • Massive variety of games
  • Great payout potential
  • Very social games
  • Can be a learning curve
  • Spend time watching bonus rounds you're not active in

Bitcoin game shows are pretty new to the bitcoin casino world. Despite their relatively new appearance in the bitcoin casino world, bitcoin game shows are incredibly popular.

Evolution Gaming kicked off the trend with its ever-popular Monopoly game, and since then there’s been no going back.

In this guide we’re going to examine the bitcoin game show world, helping you better understand it and make an informed choice when it comes to picking which bitcoin game shows you should play.

What Are Bitcoin Game Shows?

For the uninitiated, bitcoin game shows might sound a little scary, or confusing. But the truth is they’re actually really exciting.

Bitcoin game shows are essentially interactive games that you can play by selecting a chip size, and betting on an outcome.

There are often croupiers wearing fancy dress, tons of bonuses, and lots of action, but it all depends on which game you’re playing.

Loading up Crazy Time, the popular bitcoin game show
Loading up Crazy Time, the popular bitcoin game show

Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming has three separate bonus rounds and a max win of 25,000x your stake.

There have been some massive wins on Crazy Time since its launch at the back end of 2020, and it’s definitely living up to its name.

Deal or No Deal is another popular bitcoin game show that pits your nerve against the banker as you hold out for the best deal possible.

There are lots of different bitcoin game shows, so it’s important that you try a few out to find one that’s perfect for you.

What Are the Best Bitcoin Game Shows?

As we mentioned above, there are dozens of bitcoin game shows available for you to play, coming from a wide range of game developers.

Crazy Time has the biggest win potential, and it gets really crazy at times.

For instance, one bonus round called Crazy Time has so much going on that it feels almost as if you’re tripping after taking a few tabs of LSD.

There are giraffes riding trains, sharks, pandas, big wheels and so much more, but best of all, there’s the massive 25,000x win up for grabs.

Loading Deal or No Deal, the bitcoin game show
Loading Deal or No Deal, the bitcoin game show

Monopoly is arguably just as exciting, packing all of the features you know and love from the world of the classic board game, but bundled into a fun interactive game you can play with people from all around the world.

Deal or No Deal is a little less exciting, but if you get a high value in your box, you can make a good deal of cash from the rounds, if you manage to qualify.

Playtech has God of Storms, Spin A Win, Buffalo Blitz and Hi-Lo Club, which are certainly fun, but lack the production value that Evolution Gaming has behind its games.

How Do I Place Bets on Bitcoin Game Shows?

Placing bets on bitcoin game shows can be very simple and also very confusing, it all depends on which bitcoin game show you’re playing.

For the game shows with a wheel that’s spun, you usually have to select your chip size and place your bets on what look like tickets in the bet area.

The lower the number, the lower the payout, with 1 usually hinting at a 1:1 payout, 2 hinting at a 2:1 payout and so on.

There is usually always an option to bet on all outcomes at the touch of a button, saving you time if you like to bet the field.

This strategy certainly pays off if you land a bigger number, but if you hit a few lower numbers, you can get wiped out pretty quickly.

If you spend some time doing the math, you can actually balance it out so that you win a set amount of money no matter the outcome of the spin – that’s pretty neat.

What’s the RTP Like on Bitcoin Game Shows?

Bitcoin game shows all have varying level of return to player (RTP). The higher the RTP, the better a game generally is for you as a player.

Depending on the bet that you place, you’re looking at an RTP of anywhere between 92% and 98%.

Again, the RTP will vary from game to game and bet to bet. The more frequently a number or outcome appears in the game, the better the RTP will be for that bet.

A round of Monopoly, the bitcoin gameshow

Obviously the overall RTP of the game will be heavily balanced out by the win potential from the bonus rounds, so do take this with a pinch of salt.

What we mean by this is that you could play for an hour and not hit a single win, but then one bonus round win balances out the RTP to make it even.

The Verdict

Bitcoin game shows vary massively in style, win potential and theme, so picking one that’s right for you can be a bit of a challenge.

That being said, bitcoin game shows are a whole lot of fun and will keep you playing for hours on end.

The best bitcoin casinos have seen some truly massive wins from these types of games of the years, and we’ve got a feeling that this trend isn’t going to go away any time soon.

If you’re going to dive into bitcoin game shows, we recommend that you start out with small wagers to get a feel for the game and learn the ropes.

Once your confident in how the game plays, then start placing the bet sizes that fit your bankroll size and betting strategy.

As always, if you’ve got any questions or think we’ve missed something out, get in touch with us by sending a message or drop a comment below!

Good luck out there, may the game shows treat you well!

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