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Learn the basics of bitcoin dice, how to play bitcoin dice and learn some great bitcoin dice tips with Bitcoin Casino Boss’s bitcoin dice guide!

  • Very simple to play
  • Adjustable payouts
  • Provably fair rounds
  • Strategies don't help you win more

Some of the first bitcoin casino games were bitcoin dice variants. While these games have come a very long way since the early days, they’re still as popular as ever.

With a variety of styles, designs and features, bitcoin dice is arguably the king of the bitcoin casinos.

In this guide, we’re diving into the world of bitcoin dice, teaching you how you can play bitcoin dice, the best strategies and the basics of the game!

What Is Bitcoin Dice?

Bitcoin dice is a simple, fun and exciting bitcoin casino game that is usually developed in-house, meaning each bitcoin casino has their own take on the game.

This has led to a number of different styles, rules, designs and features, meaning that there’s a lot of fun to be had.

The rules are virtually the same globally for bitcoin dice. You essentially select the outcome you wish to bet on, pick your bet size and roll the dice.

The aim of the game is to correctly pick whether you think the value generated by the virtual dice will be over or under a certain value.

The smaller the margins, the higher the payouts. The same goes the other way. If you make the win potential 99.8%, then you’ll earn less money when you win.

Bitcoin dice is a great way to have fun and enjoy your bitcoin.

How Do I Play Bitcoin Dice?

Bitcoin dice is actually one of the simplest bitcoin casino games that you can play.

You set your win potential by sliding a slider up and down, or toggling this value with buttons, and roll the dice.

Interestingly, you don’t actually roll dice, but a random number is generated, meaning that you can often adjust values and impact the outcome of the next turn.

Simply pick a stake, pick a value and roll – it’s that simple.

What’s the Best Bitcoin Dice Strategy?

People have all sorts of theories and strategies for bitcoin dice, but we prefer a really simple strategy that holds up pretty well.

Set the win threshold to be around 75% and place a good stake according to the Martingale system.

We like to have at least 6 rolls to fall back on, so if your bankroll is 5 m₿, then you need to make your first bet around 78 satoshis.

When you win, you leave the stake the same, or reset it back to the base value if you win after a losing streak. If you lose, you double the stake and roll again.

If you then lose again, you double it up and carry on this process until you either bust or hit a win.

bitcoin dice game example
bitcoin dice game example

At 75% chances of winning, you have a very good chance of scoring a win before you bust, so don’t worry too much.

That being said, you also won’t win too much money by betting with such a safe margin.

Adjust these values to suit your bankroll and appetite for risk.

Remember, the lower your chances of winning, the more you can win. If your bankroll allows it, you can start with a much bigger initial stake.

How Do I Calculate My Dice Winnings?

Understanding the payout on bitcoin dice is actually pretty simple, in fact, it’s so simple the game tells you.

When you adjust your stake and the slider that determines how likely you are to win the roll, it’ll automatically adjust your potential win.

This figure is usually displayed really close to your stake, meaning you can see what your bankroll will be like at the end of the roll.

If the number isn’t displayed, the payout will show in decimal form. You can then use this and multiply your stake by it, taking you to your expected returns should you win.

Can I Win Big By Playing Bitcoin Dice?

When you’re playing at a bitcoin casino, the chances are that you want to win some good money, otherwise what’s the point of playing, right?

Depending on what sort of payout potential you’re playing at, you can either make a ton of cash or very little at all.

If you play at the highest risk level, you can win a small fortune if your bet comes in, but this doesn’t happen too often.

The win potential is only capped by your risk appetite. The more you want to risk, the more you can potentially win.

So, when it comes to winning big in bitcoin dice, only you can decide this.

The Verdict

Bitcoin dice is a really simple and easy to understand game, making it perfect for beginners.

You can pick it up and become a dice pro in just a couple of minutes.

With virtually all layouts and variants of the game, once you master it at one bitcoin casino, you can play it just about anywhere without any issues at all.

As always, if you’ve got any questions about bitcoin dice, you can always drop us a message or leave a comment below.

Good luck!

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