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Learn the basics of bitcoin baccarat, how to play bitcoin baccarat and learn some great bitcoin baccarat tips with Bitcoin Casino Boss’s bitcoin baccarat guide!

  • Beginner friendly
  • Quick rounds
  • Side bets are poor value for money
  • Banker pays out less than even money

Bitcoin baccarat is a fresh take on classic baccarat that was introduced to France in the 1490s by soldiers returning from war in Italy, quickly becoming very popular.

Despite efforts to ban gambling by Louis Philippe I in 1837, baccarat continued to grow in popularity amongst nobles.

Nowadays, you’ll find baccarat tables in just about every bricks-and-mortar casino in the world as well as at every good bitcoin casino.

It’s as popular as ever, so let’s dive in to how you can play bitcoin baccarat, rumble the house and cashout as a high roller!

What is Bitcoin Baccarat?

Baccarat is a card game, whereby the player can place bets on three possible outcomes; banker, player and tie.

Once all bets have been placed, the dealer will draw four face up cards, two for banker and two for player.

If the value of the Player’s hand is 5 or less, then a third card will be dealt to the Player.

If the Player stands, which is when the Player has a value greater than 5 but less than 8, or has 3 cards, then the Dealer will draw another card, provided that the hand is valued at 5 or less.

A maximum of 3 cards can be drawn by Player and Banker, meaning that a maximum number of 6 cards can be used in a single round of baccarat.

The hand that’s closest to 9 wins the round, unless it’s a tie, in which case the bet is settled as a tie.

You don’t need any skill or need to learn how the cards are dealt as the dealer handles all of this.

Your role in the game is to simply pick which outcome you think will be the winner and place your bets.

How Do I Place Bets in Bitcoin Baccarat?

Unlike other card games such as poker and blackjack, you don’t’ get to hold the cards as a player.

As a result, you have no say in how the game is played and you cannot alter the outcome of the round with skill and knowledge.

So, placing bets in the correct way is your best chance of winning. Not all bets in bitcoin baccarat pay out the same, so pay close attention here.

Betting panel in baccarat
Betting panel in baccarat

Load up your bitcoin baccarat game of choice, then select the chip value you wish to use. You then simply click on the box that you want to win, whether it’s player, banker or tie.

There are side bets available in bitcoin baccarat, and while they offer good payouts (11:1), they don’t hit too often.

The most common bitcoin baccarat side bet is pair. You can bet on a banker pair or a player pair.

If you opt for this bet, the only way you can win the bet is if the side you bet on gets a pair.

The side bets are a little risky and don’t usually pay off, so we recommend that you avoid these.

What Are the Payouts in Bitcoin Baccarat?

When it comes to picking the bet you’re going to make, it’s important to understand how much bitcoin you’re going to win.

You might think that player and banker both payout the same owing to them both having the same chance of winning, but you’d be wrong.

This table shows you the payouts for bitcoin baccarat, as well as the side bets that you will find in the game:

Player or banker pair11:1
Perfect pair25:1 for one hand 200:1 for both hands
Either pair5:1
Player/Banker bonus
Win by 41:1
Win by 52:1
Win by 64:1
Win by 76:1
Win by 810:1
Win by 930:1
Natural win1:1
Natural tiePush

What Are the Side Bets in Bitcoin Baccarat?

As we mentioned a little earlier in this guide, there are several side bets that you can place when playing bitcoin baccarat.

You simply select the specific side bet that you wish to place on the betting panel and drop your chips.

Now, these side bets might sound a little confusing, so we’re going to explain what each side bet is. After all, knowledge is power.

Player Pair: When the first two cards dealt to the Player are a pair.

Banker Pair: When the first two cards dealt to the Banker are a pair.

Perfect Pair: If the first two cards dealt to the Player or Banker are identical, meaning they have the same value and suit, this bet pays out at 25:1.

If the first two cards that are dealt to both the Player and Banker are identical, meaning they have the same value and suit, then this pays at 200:1. The pairs can be different for the Player and Banker, meaning you don’t need 4 Ace of Spades to win this bet.

Either Pair: When either the Player or Banker is dealt a pair in their hand.

Player Bonus: Pays when the Player wins with a natural 8, 9 or wins the round by 4 or more. The higher the win, the higher the payout is.

Banker Bonus: Pays when the Banker wins with a natural 8, 9 or wins the round by 4 or more. The higher the win, the higher the payout is.

How Do I Work Out My Bitcoin Baccarat Winnings?

We get it, figuring out how much you’re going to win can be a tricky one, especially in the fast-paced bitcoin baccarat environment.

Fortunately for you, it’s really simple and easy to work out if you use our chart above.

Let’s say you place a 1 m₿ bet on Banker and Banker ends up winning the hand. You’ll get 0.95 m₿ in winnings, plus your 1 m₿ stake back, taking the win value up to 1.95 m₿.

If you stick a 2 m₿ bet on a Player perfect pair and it wins, you’ll get 22 m₿ in winnings, plus your 2 m₿ stake back, taking the win value up to 24 m₿.

You can use this simple formula to calculate your winnings: stake*payout+stake.

What’s the Bitcoin Baccarat House Edge Like?

Knowing the house edge on each bet that you can make is critical to ensuring that you place the best bets possible for you to increase your bankroll.

Presuming that the baccarat table is using an eight-deck shoe, the house edge on Banker is 1.06%, which is the lowest in the game of bitcoin baccarat.

The Player bet comes in with a house edge of 1.24%, which is a pretty fair price, considering you get paid at even money.

The tie bet comes in with a house edge of 14.36%, which is wild. This is the reason we don’t recommend picking this bet, unless you really know what you’re doing.

The ultra-low house edge on the Banker bet is why the payout is a measly 0.95:1.

What Are the Charts for in Baccarat?

The first thing you will notice when you load up a bitcoin baccarat game for the first time will be the two charts.

There will be one chart on the right and one on left-hand side of the screen.

These are called the roads and they have a pretty important job, especially if you believe in patterns.

The chart on the left-hand side of the screen will show you every result for the shoe so far, going from top to bottom of a column then on to the next row.

Round result road in baccarat
Round result road in baccarat

The chart on the right-hand side is the current streak. Each column represents a run of results that are the same. If the run is broken, it moves on to a new column.

Streak road in bitcoin baccarat
Streak road in bitcoin baccarat

These are very useful if you like to bet on patterns and sequences. While we don’t recommend trying this strategy at all, there are some baccarat players out there that swear by patterns.

Can I Count Cards When I Play Baccarat?

If you’re looking to get a leg up on the house by counting cards, then you might be a little disappointed by what we’ve got to say.

While you can theoretically count cards in bitcoin baccarat, it’s virtually impossible to use it to its full potential.

Live streams of baccarat will have a card placed inside the shoe when there’s about a deck and a half left to go.

When this card is drawn, the shoe is changed out, meaning that your now fairly accurate true count is gone.

While counting cards in baccarat can help boost your chances, it will still be pretty vague and unhelpful until you get down to the final few decks.

Phil Ivey once tried a technique called edge sorting, and successfully managed, but this isn’t something that you can do unless you’re a high roller and celebrity, unfortunately.

The Verdict

Bitcoin baccarat is a perfect game for beginners to the bitcoin casino world. Thanks to the lack of knowledge needed to play, you can sit at a table and throw a few chips down.

You don’t need to know the full workings of how the game plays, just enough to steer clear of the bets that offer a massive payout.

While these bets are tempting, you’ll end up losing more in the long-run.

If you’ve got any questions about bitcoin baccarat, feel free to drop us a message or leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to help you!

Best of luck!

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