Learn how to Edge Out Eddie at Stake and win €2,500 every week!

Stake (review) is one of the best bitcoin casinos, and they’re constantly coming out with new promotions and giveaways to make life more exciting. A few months back, Stake launched a new promotion called Edge Out Eddie. The concept is simple, beat Eddie’s high score and you get to net a cut of €2,500.

For those of you who are new to Stake, or are looking to join Stake, we’re going to break down this fun promotion and teach you how you can Edge Out Eddie and get your hands on the cash!

What is Edge Out Eddie?

Edge Out Eddie is a really cool concept. Essentially, someone from Stake, presumably a guy called Eddie, plays slots for an hour and records his wins. The highest win, in terms of multiplier, is then saved and applied to the promotion. Your goal is to then play the same slot as “Eddie” and get a higher multiplier.\

Edge Out Eddie at Stake

If you get a higher multiplier, you join the winners club. The more people that complete the challenge the smaller cut of the pie you get. So, while we’re usually rooting for everyone to batter the house, Edge Out Eddie is way more fun if you’re the only player to edge him out. The promotion changes every Monday at noon GMT, so make sure you beat the high score before then.

How Do I Know It’s Legit?

Sure, bitcoin casinos don’t have the best rep for being legit, especially when it comes to promotions. Stake is going above and beyond to prove how legit Edge Out Eddie is, posting the results to the game round where “Eddie” scored his, or her, big multiplier for the week. Simply take the game ID, which is on the promotion page, and head to the site chat. This is in the top right-hand side corner of the screen. Then type /bet and the bet id into the chat and press enter. You’ll then be able to see the result of the round and verify the multiplier you’re after is legit.

Edge Out Eddie bet value at Stake

Any Tips?

The game changes every week, so our best advice is to check out the promotion every Monday at noon GMT. If you know what you’ve got to chase down at the very start of the promotion, you can focus your time and energy into achieving it. This gives you as much time as possible to beat the score and win the cash.

As the game changes each week, we can’t give you a breakdown of tips and the best way to play each slot. It’s worth noting that you must follow the minimum bet value, otherwise your bets won’t count if they’re below this value. The only other real condition is that your email is verified with Stake.

Good Luck!

Edge Out Eddie can be incredibly lucrative if you’re the only winner of the week, as well as a lot of fun. What better way to enjoy your Monday afternoon than by trying to beat Eddie’s score and walk away with some cash. Good luck when you take on Eddie, we really hope you win!

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