In the interest of full disclosure and honesty, which is a massive part of who we are here at Bitcoin Casino Boss, we are an affiliate site. That means that we get financial compensation for the players we send to various bitcoin casinos.

Very few affiliate sites are not upfront or clear about this, leading many to believe that the reviews are there as a general favor to the player. But, the fact that we are an affiliate doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all. In fact, players and affiliates live in symbiosis, helping one another get the best deals possible.

How are Affiliates Helpful?

You might think that a bitcoin casino will pay us more money to say something positive or brush over a few imperfections, and you’d be forgiven for thinking so. There are affiliates out there that operate like this. All they care about is making money as fast as possible, but we’re different.

We don’t accept payment for better reviews, for higher placement or for more articles written about a particular bitcoin casino. Everything we do is based on our own opinions and experiences – we cannot be bought, that’s our promise.

You see, the more honest we are with our reviews, the more you trust us and the more likely you are to follow our recommendations. This means that you have a better time playing at bitcoin casinos and win.

We win as casinos pay us more money for the more players we send to them, as well as bumping up the rewards players we send to them can receive. For example, a bitcoin casino might offer you wonderful people a bigger welcome bonus because we send lots of players to them.

It’s a win, win for both you and us. You benefit from amazing deals that we can negotiate for you and we win from you enjoying yourself and taking these massive bonuses.

Affiliates are a bit like influencers, but we don’t take money before proving that our content is successful. Every industry in the world uses affiliates, and it’s incredibly safe to do so.

We promise to never ever take payment in exchange for falsifying our reviews or bumping a casino higher up the rankings. That’s our promise to you and we vow to never change. It might mean that we lose out in the short term, but that’s the sacrifice we’re willing to make so that you get an honest experience and don’t get lead down a dark and murky path that other affiliates would lead you down.

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